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2013 Bridal Collections Details: Dresses, HairStyles and Accessories, Makeup and Shoes

For the bridal season of 2013, wedding dress designers have presented some of the most feminine and sophisticated collections of the past few years. Even when continuing trends from past seasons, such as the elegant peplum, designers revamped everything through new textures and fabrics. Wedding dresses in 2013 feature details that catch the eye: floral lace embroidery, beautiful pastels and see-through designs, sensual cutouts and romantic design elements.

The trends in bridal wear this year dictate in favor of the illusion and portrait back wedding dress, with delicate tulle, lace embroidery or jewelry details. The fabrics feature metallic sparkles, an effect given by either the precious stone embroidery or the sequins and amplified by ruffles or layers of tulle and lace. The gowns feature around the waist jewelry, bows of all sizes, colors and fabrics, or sophisticated peplums.

Portrait-back wedding dress by Claire Pettibone, SS2013


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Top Hair Accessories for Brides in 2013: Flowers, Oversized Items, Headbands and Hats

A beautiful and creative bride is always current with the latest trends suggested at popular fashion events throughout the world. Don’t take this the wrong way: you don’t have to take it all in, but it is always a good idea to check them out for inspiration. It’s particularly worth it when it comes to those details that really tie everything together in an original and whimsical way, like some hair accessories do.

Since there are so many of you preparing their wedding this year we’ve put together several guides to keep you current about the year’s trends in bridal wear and fashion. Most wedding dresses work great with hair accessories. Actually, most brides are certain they are going to wear a festive hair accessory or elegant or chic.  Today, we’re presenting a top of hair accessories for brides in 2013.

Claire Pettibone bridal spring 2013


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A Complete Bridal Look: Wedding Dress, Hairstyle, Makeup and Accessories

A bride has to take into account a variety of accessories to achieve a chic bridal look. Starting with the wedding dress and ending with the makeup, everything needs to be perfect for your wedding day, when all eyes will be on you.

The wedding dress is the essential style element in bridal attire. Lace is the most precious, delicate and feminine fabric. Plus, if you’re looking for tricks to make your waist look thinner, always choose a wedding dress that highlights the waist with innovative designs. For instance, this season’s collections highlighted dresses that had belts, or other similar elements around the waist.

Wedding dress LOVE ME by BIEN SAVVY

Wedding dress LOVE ME by BIEN SAVVY

The secret of the bridal veil is in its length. And there are plenty of choices to take your pick from: there’s the short veil or flyaway, the fingertip veil or chapel and cathedral. The cathedral veil featuring lace embroidery on its sides looks like something a fairytale princess would wear, but it’s not a common choice for any kind of wedding dress. The fingertip veil is one of the most frequent choices, being suitable both for A-line and Empire wedding dresses.

Bridal gloves always reflect the formality of the wedding ceremony. The longer they are, the more formal the wedding party is. Modern brides tend to choose short gloves, without fingers or sleeves.

Bridal sleeves DREAMS by BIEN SAVVY

Bridal sleeves DREAMS by BIEN SAVVY

Bridal jewelry is chosen based on the dress’s cut, cleavage, fabric and color. If your bridal gown features many details and precious elements it’s advised you choose delicate and discrete jewelry. However, if you have chosen a simple wedding dress you can easily choose to wear statement bridal jewelry. If you’re wearing a strapless wedding gown, you can wear a statement necklace and small, delicate earrings.

A lot of brides don’t take into account the bridal clutch, but it is one of the most useful accessories on the wedding day. When you’re looking for a bridal clutch just think what you’re going to put in it: smartphone, lipstick, tissues, pocket mirror and so on. It’s important that the color of the bridal clutch matches the wedding dress.

When it comes to wedding shoes, there are a lot of models at hand: pumps or flat, high heels, low heels, peep toe or sandals. You have to take into account the wedding dress, but also remember your shoes should feel comfortable. The general advice is to buy your bridal shoes before making the first alterations to the wedding dress.

The bridal hairstyle should always be an elegant and romantic choice, even if you’re out to get that unconventional bridal look. You can choose a braided updo, a French bun or volume, whatever you choose make sure it looks perfect. Opt for hair accessories if you want a unique look.

When it comes to bridal nail art, this year’s trends are lace, floral patterns and precious elements.

Bridal makeup must be both delicate but also impressive. Go for a nude makeup or a bold option, featuring fake eyelashes, smoky eyes or an intense lipstick color.

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How To Match The Bridal Bra To Your Wedding Dress

Now here’s a dilemma you most certainly never pictured to be challenged by: choosing the right bridal bra for your wedding dress.

Wedding dress SEDUCE ME by BIEN SAVVY

There are plenty of things to take into account when looking for your wedding dress and bridal accessories. Even if finding them isn’t difficult at all, finding the right pieces of bridal lingerie is a whole different story. Bien Savvy has been working on a bridal guide for several weeks now and has prepared an article that should help make matching the bra to your wedding dress a lot easier.

Most of the basic bridal lingerie shopping rules are pretty common sense. However, given the excitement and anxiety of planning your wedding and preparing your breathtaking bridal look, it’s very likely you might miss out on details that could ruin all your hard work.

The first thing to know about wearing bodice, deep cleavage and strapless wedding gowns is that they match ONLY with a strapless bra. Even bras with see-through plastic straps aren’t indicated, since they’re not invisible at all. These make the overall bridal look seem sloppy. Same goes for bridal bras in colors that don’t match that of the wedding dress. Now, we wouldn’t want to reveal the mystery before the wedding night, right?

You can also choose a backless, strapless, silicone bra. I know, it doesn’t sound exactly like dreamy bridal lingerie, but it does create a push up effect without much hassle. Plus, they don’t even look all that bad.

Wedding dress PROMISES by BIEN SAVVY

If you’re looking for ways to make your waist look thinner, then you can choose a bodice like bra. It’s the perfect idea if you want to hide some extra unaesthetic pounds. However this isn’t the kind of bridal bra to match with a wedding gown that has many details around the chest and waist. It will only make the whole look seem “heavier” if you wear one of these bodice bras under such a wedding dress.


Bridal lingerie tends to be mostly of the kind featuring fabulous details. Anything from crystals, to lace embroidery, semi-precious stones or bows turn the bra eye-candy, but it’s not such a good idea if you already have those on your wedding gown. It’s also not an inspired idea if your wedding dress features see-through fabrics where your bra is.

Wedding dress LOVING YOU by BIEN SAVVY

The size of the wedding bra is picked in accordance to the bridal gown. Make sure you ask one of the fashion consultants in the store if you don’t know which size to pick. Sometimes the bridal bra is going to be one cup bigger or smaller.

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Brides’ Dilemmas: Choosing The Right Bridal Veil

You’re going to have to make a lot of decisions related to your wedding day look. Some of those decisions will be a bit challenging, if you haven’t been married before. Picking the right bridal veil is one of those difficult decisions. Nobody is expecting you to know all these things, but once you start shopping for the wedding attire, you should know what kind of bridal veils will highlight your face and wedding dress, not to mention what are the hottest bridal trends.

Types of bridal veils

The first thing to know when it comes to choosing the bridal veil is that the length is the secret. Some wedding dress will match perfectly with a short veil or a cathedral veil, whereas other gowns are fit for tall women, rather than petite. Here are a few tips on choosing the bridal veil to match your wedding dress so you’ll avoid a style fail on your wedding day:

The short veil or flyaway


It might well look like a retro inspired bridal accessory, but the short veil or flyaway will be a great fit for modern-cut dresses, such as the mermaid bridal gown. The flyaway isn’t just a very chic element, but a very practical one too. The short veil is comfortable and light, but at the same time adds a bit of “drama” to the look, be it vintage/retro or modern.

The blusher, or the elbow veil

Brides who have decided to wear a wedding dress with a corsage and a volume skirt will have most to gain from donning a blusher. This veil’s length is usually up to the elbow and it is most often applied at the top of the head. One layer of the veil is left in the front, whereas the rest are set in the back.

Brides with triangular or heart shaped faces should choose the blusher.

The medium or fingertip veil

The medium length bridal veil offers the most versatility when it comes to hairstyle. It can be applied at the top of the head, above or at the back of the head or even under the updo. In 2011, the medium or fingertip veil was one of the most sought after bridal accessory. This veil is a great fit for A-line and Empire waist wedding dress and will benefit most the round shaped faces.

The chapel and cathedral veils

The chapel bridal veil is usually donned with ball gown wedding dresses. The veil’s length is 15 to 20 cm longer than the dress. Although it’s a very elegant bridal veil it isn’t very practical.

The cathedral type of bridal veil is also very long and very elegant. If the length doesn’t bother you, then pick a cathedral veil with lace embroidery on the sides.

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