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How To Choose The Right Bridal Nail Art

There are literally tons of things you will have to get done to have a perfect wedding. The flower arrangements, the invites, the menus and the music are just the beginning. But before you lose sight of yourself in the whole wedding planning thing, make sure you have covered all the important details about your bridal day look.

From the wedding dress, to the hairstyle, the bridal manicure, jewelry and the wedding bouquet, all of them are essential elements for a breathtaking look. The bridal manicure is something you must definitely pay enough attention to, so make sure you choose the right style and color. Bien Savvy has a few guidelines that will help you choose a bridal nail art for a dreamy wedding.

  • Do not leave your bridal manicure appointment for the last day. Make sure you have a professional booked for your bridal nail art. This way you will have enough time to find the bridal nail art that will fit both your personality and your wedding dress.

  • Take a look at bridal nail art tendencies. You can always go with a classic bridal manicure for an elegant and perfect look, but don’t forget there are alternatives out there. For instance, one of this year’s hottest trends in bridal nail art is flowers.

  • In 2012, lace is among the hottest trends, particularly when it came to bridal gowns and evening dresses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the graceful lace in nail art too. A bridal manicure with lace insertions will make for an elegant, yet sophisticated and classy look. It’s a perfect choice if you’re the kind of bride that loves to draw outside the lines.

  • Crystal bridal nail art is a go this year. Any bride will find the right design in the huge variety out there, whether we’re talking extravagance or classic.

  • Make sure you pick the right color for your bridal manicure. Remember, it’s essential the color on your nails will fit that of the bridal gown. You can always go with one of the colors trending in 2012 nail art, such as pastels, coral, lilac, golden or soft pink. Classic white is however the most common option.

  • If you want a unique bridal look, then you can pick a manicure design that will complement the colors in your wedding bouquet.

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