Product care

Take care of your dress

Do you know that the most beautiful memories are never dusted and that many divine thoughts are impregnated in the BIEN SAVVY dress? Please take care of your dress as a precious piece of jewelry and please follow the instructions on the label carefully to make sure that your BIEN SAVVY dress remains just as precious.

Time passes, memories remain, so please read the symbols on the label carefully and make sure that the professional cleaning company will give them the attention they deserve. The symbols on the BIEN SAVVY label will indicate one of the following cleaning methods:

Dry cleaning:

The love for the BIEN SAVVY dress must remain at the same level even after you have worn it and it has offered you moments of maximum happiness. Therefore, please consult a professional for dry cleaning services.

Manual cleaning:

If the product label indicates this, please be extremely careful with your dress. Avoid rubbing the dress hard or rinsing under heavy water. Rinse the dress until the water remains clean and without traces of detergent. Avoid high temperatures and take care of the BIEN SAVVY dress as you take care of your soul.

Post cleaning:

Please, for the post cleaning of the dress, take responsibility for this act and do not use the iron or tumble dryer, unless they are recommended on the label. Totally trust the BIEN SAVVY dress that will fulfill your dreams again.