Cum sa alegi rochia de mireasa în functie de forma corpului

How to pick your wedding gown according to your body type

Cum sa alegi rochia de mireasa în functie de forma corpului

The wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important events in a woman’s life. The time has come to bring the dream you had as a child to life: looking and feeling like a princess, being the centre of attention and admiration, and creating precious memories that will last for a lifetime.

On your wedding day, you’ll want to be perfect. You want the dress you wear to compliment your figure, but also your personality, emphasizing your style, your elegance, and your refinement. And it’s never only about the wedding gown, but about all of those details you put together that will make you stand out and be the most beautiful girl in the room.

Professionally done make-up, jewellery that suits your dress, a delicate bridal bouquet, and the proper shoes which not only look good, but fit you well and provide you with comfort - all of these little details require time and proper planning. And to do everything right, on time, and stress-free, you need to be as relaxed and inspired as you can.

When choosing the most well-fitting wedding dress, you must consider your body type. And of course, start thinking about what you’d like. Your body shape dictates which cut fits better and flatters your silhouette. So it all goes down to identifying one of the 4 main body types, picking the one closest to your figure, and starting to make some decisions.

The 4 main body types are:

  • Apple body shape
  • Pear body shape
  • Hourglass figure
  • Rectangle body shape

Some women may be defined as a combination of two or more of the above, but these 4 directions and shapes represent the dominant body types.

The Apple body shape

What you need to know about this shape is that the shoulder width is bigger than that of the hips. To help you identify this shape better, a celebrity displaying the apple figure is Angelina Jolie. Bear in mind that in this case the waist is not that well defined.

The most suitable dress shape for you, in this case, would be a gown with a V-line cleavage. A dress flowing from the bust below, not too tight on your waist, will harmonize your entire figure by emphasizing your best features and creating an elongated look.

A bias-cut dress could also be of interest to you. Bias cutting is the technique of cutting on the diagonal grain (at 45 degrees) of the fabric rather than straight and cross grains. The technique causes the fabric to fall and drape in a way that creates a slinky silhouette.

The pear-shaped silhouette

In this case, the waist is wider than the bust, which usually makes the shoulders narrower compared to the hips. To get a clearer idea, a celebrity that comes to mind when talking about this particular body shape is Beyoncé.

The dress which perfectly suits this body shape is the A-line dress. If, however, you choose to opt for something else, consider a dress that’s tulip-shaped in the bottom half. And for a more balanced look, make sure most of the details are placed on the upper half of the dress.

The hourglass figure

Women who have this body type are well aware. It’s characterized by a narrow waist, whereas shoulders and bust are equally wide. The famous 90-60-90 measurements describe the hourglass, Blake Lively is one of the celebrities who pride themselves on having this silhouette.

When choosing a dress for this body type, it’s best to go for one which draws attention to your waist. Overlaid dresses, V-necks or deep cleavages create shapes that center the attention around your waist.

The rectangle body shape

Women with rectangular body shapes don’t have extremely well-defined figures. Shoulder and hip-width are approximately equal, but there are various types of dresses and clothing you can choose to look and feel great.

Gwen Stefani is one of the celebrities experimenting with stylizing a rectangular body shape. For this to work out in your favor, what you’re looking for are dresses that create volumes: round cleavages, ruffles, frills, and fringe are some of the elements that integrate fluid geometry harmoniously, making it work on a rectangular silhouette.

The day you've been dreaming about since you where a little girl is about to happen. Walking gracefully in a dress that makes you feel like a princess, happy, alongside the person you love. Therefore, no detail can be other than perfect - from your bridal bouquet, to the fairy-tale setting and the background music, which represents you and creates a threshold to your fantasy world. It's the day you write memories for a lifetime and celebrate this new beginning with your loved ones, a story in which you are the main character, where all eyes and all the love are pointed in your direction.


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