Our story

Bien Savvy stories are inspired by the delicacy of the female soul and the intensity of inner seduction, by dresses that kiss your body and soul.

The Bien Savvy story is the story of a woman who prefers to let herself be enchanted, to let herself be inspired and carried by the man who transcends outdated social conventions.

The Bien Savvy collections are for the woman who wants to sensually submit to her partner, she likes to offer herself, she does it voluntarily and he gives her strength with a touch of femininity.

The story of Bien Savvy is the story of a continuous seduction.

Bien SAVVY dresses intensify the inner passion, gradually until an overwhelming sensuality.

By wearing Bien Savvy you offer and experience a magnetic attraction.

The Bien SAVVY brand is synonymous with luxury in the women's fashion universe and enjoys the delicate caress of the materials, the seductive design and cut details applied to each dress. Bien SAVVY dresses are created meticulously, with the intention of reflecting the sensual personality of the wearer.

The seductive materials based on laces, embroideries, veils have magical effects like a spell...with which one lets oneself be seduced and seduced.

The state of tenderness that envelops you in the Bien Savvy evening dress is synonymous with passion and sensuality.


The night you wear the Bien Savvy dress, we rented the world for you and we thank you!


Luxury lace Handmade dresses Custom orders 
Standard of supreme delicacy. We share a certain love for lace, which we live with every collection...the delicate textures win your heart irreparably. United by the passion for perfect cuts and magicians of models draped in lace, veil, diaphanous organza, taffeta, hand embroidery, layered tulle and precious stones, the employees bring to life sophisticated and spectacular models, classic, yet elegant and modern in every way . The BIEN SAVVY client has developed a personal identity in terms of fashion, finding a balance between its fantasy and the reality of life. Forget about standard dresses and enjoy a perfect fit!