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BIEN SAVVY is a luxury bridal and evening wear brand that took the market by storm in the 2000s with its unique, feminine and refined fashion approach.

From its 2007 inception, the Romanian company had a precise mission, namely to create a brand that blended culture and fashion into a potent formula of desirable luxury clothing oozing individuality and attitude. The goal was soon attained, being afterwards practiced daily at BIEN SAVVY, a brand that is a synonym for exclusivity, luxury and sensuality.
BIEN SAVVY presented from the beginning luxurious and sophisticated designs for women, having always on mind a deep understanding of what a modern and stylish lifestyle means. Thanks to a profound consumer-oriented policy, as well as a constant support for the local and international cultural events, the brand created a trendsetting and appealing universe which aimed successfully to celebrate woman through fascinating dresses that combined the traditional craft with a modern, sophisticated cut.
BIEN SAVVY designs are manufactured in a Bucharest Atelier by a team with years of expertise in the luxury field. Driven by a passion for perfect cut and fit and being magicians of designs draped in lace, veils, light organza, taffeta, hand embroidery, layered tulle and precious stones, the employees bring to life sophisticated and spectacular styles, classic, yet stylish and modern in every way.

The trademark of BIEN SAVVY is the particular attention to detail. The excellence of clear lines and cuts and the refinement of the design are highly essential at Bien Savvy. Season by season, each style is carefully designed and sewed to offer each client a red carpet experience, the very dedicated employees making sure each style is perfect, to the tinniest detail.
Today, BIEN SAVVY embodies modern sensibility, luxury fabrics, spectacular design and strong silhouettes and enjoys a unique reputation in the ever-changing luxury bridal fashion, being at the center stage of the rising East-European fashion industry. Moreover, the BIEN SAVVY designs are often featured by prestigious fashion magazines and can be found on the VIP list of the most exclusive global events, offering a worldwide exposure of luxury bridal fashion and evening wear at its finest.

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Standard of supreme delicacy. We share a certain love for lace, which we live in every collection… the delicate textures win your heart irretrievably. United by the passion for perfect cuts and magicians of the models draped in lace, veil, transparent organza, taffeta, hand embroidery, layered tulle and precious stones, the employees bring to life sophisticated and spectacular models, classic, but elegant and modern from all points of view. The BIEN SAVVY client has developed a personal identity in terms of fashion, finding a balance between its fantasy and the reality of life. Forget the standard dresses and enjoy a perfect fit !

Today’s woman is always the core of BIEN SAVVY designs and that is why the BIEN SAVVY evening wear and bridal dresses follow the codes of eternal femininity: lace, silk, organza and precious details. It’s a signature style that celebrates the human form, the feminine curves, the grace and sensuality of a woman.
Since its debut, BIEN SAVVY has established a worldwide reputation in the world of luxury bridal fashion, being a local and international success among future brides in search of that special wedding dress to match their beautiful love story. Therefore, the desire to offer the client the dress of her dreams has remained a constant pillar in the refinement of BIEN SAVVY designs and services. BIEN SAVVY bridal designs are the style and glamour epitome of a royal bride lavished with the European sensibility and preciousness of French and Italian fabrics. The bridal collections captivate through feminine and sensual silhouettes, delicate lines, an innovative mix of fabrics and contemporary and romantic new designs. All to create unique looks that exhale elegance and preciousness.
Evening wear
BIEN SAVVY evening dresses are high quality, innovative and exclusive designs that constantly manage to meet all the requirements of its customers. Although at first glance they look classic, their design is extremely modern, being a permanent reinterpretation of the established cuts that have always flattered female silhouettes. Powerful and seductive, the dresses express superlative femininity with the help of elaborate fabrics and they perfectly convey the way a woman can look absolutely sensational. BIEN SAVVY evening wear styles bring out the glamour and femininity in a woman, by reinterpreting classic patterns and shapes, stylizing them with flair, coloring them in special hues and adorning them with precious elements, from the irresistible sparkle of Swarovski crystals to the soft touch of pearls. The result is an unforgettable visual and sensorial experience that every woman should enjoy at least once, as it crosses the path from dreaming to reality.